Vegan Collaborative


 The Vegan Collaborative Compassion-Based Code of Ethics TM 


All principles are driven by the core belief that exploitation (or abuse) of animals is unacceptable under any condition. 

1)    Our business will not use animal-derived products as ingredients or cooking aids.

a.     Animals such as (but not limited to) pigs, cows, goats, sheep, birds, aquatic animals, insects and animal-derived products such as meat, dairy, eggs, honey, bones, cartilage, skin, hair, etc., will not be used as ingredients or cooking aids.

b.     Cooking aids such as fats and oils that are derived from animals will not be used.

2)    Our business will only use cruelty-free products and ingredients (those not tested on animals).

a.     Products or ingredients that were tested on animals (either in the manufacture or end product) will not be used. (Example: kitchen cleaners and solvents certified as cruelty-free.)

b.  Genetically modified/engineered products or ingredients will not be used (as GMOs may include products with genes from animals. Additionally, testing on animals is generally done for toxicological assessments prior to approval for human consumption).

c.   Only plant-based ingredients will be used. In-vitro, lab-synthesized "clean" meats or other animal-derived body components (used in the manufacture of products or ingredients) will not be used. (In-vitro, lab-synthesized "clean" meats require animal cells and blood serum etc. to grow cells. Furthermore, the adverse health effects of consuming "clean" lab meat are unknown at this time).

3)    Our business will minimize adverse effects on wildlife and the environment.

a.  Efforts to obtain organic ingredients will be a high priority in order to minimize the use of ingredients that have had lethal wildlife biocides applied to them (for example, grains sprayed with glyphosate).

b.   Products and ingredients that are known to adversely affect endangered species will not be used. (for example, palm oil sourced from endangered orangutan habitat.)

c.     Potential waste will be repurposed, or disposed of in a recyclable or compostable way.

d.     Efforts to discourage, deter and relocate pests within the restaurant will be carried out as a first measure prior to lethal means.

We agree to these principles of the Vegan Collaborative Compassion-Based Code of Ethics above.  In addition, we agree to an annual random food sample test to demonstrate compliance with this Code.