Vegan Collaborative

Who we are

 The Vegan Collaborative welcomes everyone throughout the world regardless of geographic boundaries, spiritual beliefs, cultural uniqueness, economic/celebrity status, gender, age, race or political affiliation. 

We are passionate about our diverse positions on veganism and we welcome all to express their own as long as they are respectful of others' positions, are willing to be open and learn, and do not undermine the mission of this organization. We agree to cooperation over competition between each other. 

We are motivated to be vegans for known health benefits, ethical and spiritual reasons and a concern over animal cruelty and exploitation, along with an understanding that the environmental degradation done by livestock production is far-reaching, unethical and globally unsustainable. 

While we choose a vegan path for many reasons, the direction is the same: a fundamental shift for humans to consume a more plant-based diet that is beyond sustainable, enabling all on this planet, human and non-human, to thrive.